s u n g l a c i e r s

by Sunglaciers

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this is a 4 track illegitimate album that we are releasing unofficially. album art by Charlie Roberts.



released March 9, 2016

cassette design by Charlie Roberts



all rights reserved


Sunglaciers Calgary, Alberta


24 Aug @ Local 510 /// TAPE RELEASE /// \w/ DRI HIEV and guests

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Track Name: Country Roaring
a distant humming until it growls we're light years from where we thought we'd be by now so get your worries out of the way if you expect to love the rest of your days the earth tilts its orbit will leave me out the head spits violent cleaning house to suffocate the lust for more there's a reaction coming the fires of greed will burn the bystanders and fry the dark of wild retreat a country roar will decimate your eardrums decide the pace of fleeting feet i disappear into the hillside where no one not a soul will see me anymore and all the weight off my shoulders i float away from my mind
Track Name: Dialogue
you're living a dream the world would kill for so tell me a story paint a scene you're living a fantasy you're somehow upset by so show me your human take off the gleam i opened the door out to the garden to see what direction the sun was coming in from if you find a staircase leading upward don't you go asking to find out where it goes somebody knocked out that old brick wall and the door behind was shut tight sealed off forever then all my good ideas went missing and the light that was blinding has given away to black space i guess i've been living in the basement i guess i've been underneath the ground and any sunlight hurts my head now and all these brand new colours abound